Emirates Schools Karting Championship

Kart Racing Championship Just for Students
The Emriates Schools Karting Championship (ESKC) was created to bring students, teachers and schools together to compete as teams in the motorsport arena.  The ESKC is proud to have Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) President, Dr. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, as its Official Patron.

Learn New Skills and Have Fun
Kart racing as a team sport offers skills and exciting experiences for a lifetime.  Students will need to develop teamwork, strategy, organization and leadership to be successful over the championship season.

Open for UAE Students Ages 7 to 18 Years Old
There are two main race categories, depending on age:

Nomad Class for Students of Different Schools
Not all the students on a team are required to come from the same school.  The Nomad sub-category allows students from different schools to come together on the same team and compete!

Visit the ESKC Website
Or call 800-KARTING for more information.

ESKC Bulletin #1

ESKC Senior Round 1: 18 November 2019
ESKC Senior Round 1 Results

ESKC Senior Round 2: 9 December 2019
ESKC Senior Round 2 Results

ESKC Junior Round 1: 20 January 2020
ESKC Senior Round 3: 27 January 2020

ESKC Junior Round 2: 10 February 2020
ESKC Junior Round 3: 24 February 2020

ESKC Senior Round 4: 8 March 2020
ESKC Junior Round 4: 9 March 2020


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