Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship

The Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship, run since 2005, is one the main highlights on the motorsport calendar.  Teams from around the world come to Dubai to challenge this extreme endurance race series.  Each round of karting is as tough as it gets, requiring tremendous stamina, speed, concentration and team work simply to finish a race, which can take 12 or 24 continuous hours.

The championship is run over four rounds, which each round having a different objective.  Round One is 12 hours of endurance racing, Round Two goes for 600 laps and Round 3 is run for 700 kilometres.  Round Four is the grand finale, pushing teams for a grueling 24 hours on track.  There are two main categories of racing, Pro and Corporate, as well as a Nations Cup for teams with drivers of all one nationality.

The Endurance Championship is widely regarded as one of the most iconic endurance kart races in the world and entries are limited, so book your team early to ensure your place on the next grid.

2019 Championship Documents:

2019 Championship Dates:
RD1: 12 Hours: 1-2 March
RD2: 600 Laps: 26-27 April
RD3: 700 KM: TBA October
RD4: 24 Hours: TBA December

2018 Championship:
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2017 Championship:
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