Prodrift Academy Experience
3.9 sec 0-100 KM/H
Horse Power
Horse Power
350 BHP

From its origins on the streets, to high profile events across the globe, drifting has become the fastest growing motorsport in the world. To facilitate this growth, the Prodrift Academy have created a unique drift experience facility at Dubai Autodrome.

Designed to capture the minds of ‘Drift Fans’ and petrol-heads alike, our fleet of professionally prepared, high performance drift cars and our team of professional international instructors will ensure that your time at our unique drift facility is an experience like no other.

Option 1: Prodrift Hot Laps (AED 500)     Prodrift Hot Lap Video Link
The ultimate on track rollercoaster. Feel the G-Force as our Pro spec Nissan 370z’s are thrown sideways into the first corner before drifting the full club circuit.

The Prodrift Hotlap is as close to professional drifting you can get and consists of two intense passenger laps alongside a professional drift instructor in our pro spec Nissan 370z’s.

Option 2: Prodrift Experience (AED 999)    Prodrift Experience Video Link
The Prodrift Experience is the ultimate gateway into the exhilarating world of drifting. Utilizing the proven 370z platform, under the guidance of professional instructors, clients will experience key drift techniques whilst also gaining first-hand knowledge of the powerful 370z’s performance attributes.

Students will get to drive our fleet of high performance Nissan 370z training vehicles while trying to master three drift techniques on our purpose designed drift course. Our professional instructors will be beside you every step of the way and will be on-hand to guide you throughout the experience.

The essence of the Prodrift Experience is to give clients a first-hand experience of the exciting world of drifting, at an entry-level price point.

Option 3: Prodrift Training Level 1 (AED 1500)
Welcome to the world of professional drifting. The Prodrift Academy level 1 training program is designed to teach our students professional drift techniques that are relevant to professional drift events.

The Prodrift Academy training program is based on professional drift event judging criteria. The 5 key principles are drift line, speed, angle, style and time. These principles form the building blocks of every prodrift academy student.

As drifting is a technique sport, practice is essential. We offer our students maximum training time in order to allow them to perfect their technique and to develop consistency in their drifting. A 45 minute one to one training session is how we deliver the best training results.

Starting with the most basic drift techniques, our students will first learn how to drift into the corner before developing their technique and learning how to drift out of the corner. Next, we combine both techniques and work on their consistency and precision.


Prodrift Academy Experience
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  • Valid original driving license (relevant license info in English)*
  • Driver height: 152-185cm
  • Driver maximum weight: 110kgs
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Closed-toe shoes (no sandals allowed)
  • Sign Disclaimer

*(Ages 13+ for Prodrift Taxi. Signed disclaimer by accompanying adult)