Khalid Bin Hadher in action in the Clio Cup battle within the Total UAE Touring Cars Championship

Khalid Bin Hadher in action in the Clio Cup battle within the Total UAE Touring Cars Championship

26 October 2011

Press Release

The Dubai based Emirates Racing Team (ERT) once again dominated the UAE Touring Car Championship race day with three first and one third place finishes last Friday, overcoming a number of circumstances that threatened to ruin the NRD2.

Khalid Bin Hadher was once again a force to reckon with at the wheel of his Renault Clio Cup car. He recorded clear wins in both heats of the UAE TCC after shaking off the challenges from Frederic Gaillard and Alex Annivas. The two wins place him on top of the point rankings of the newly formed Clio Cup.

Aslam Moola was the second most successful ERT member on the day despite the early mechanical problems that forced him to retire during the qualifying session. A broken ball joint on the front upper control arm was repaired in time for the first race, but the altered alignment left Aslam with a heavily understeering car. Despite the handicap Aslam recorded a third place finish in Race 1 and second in Race 2, only to be promoted to class winner after Rupesh Channake was penalised.

Mohammed Al Owais had a perfect start to the race weekend with a clean win in the first heat, followed by a penalty that saw him relegated to 5th place. In the second heat he started off in 5th place due to the grid penalty and was soon fighting for the lead when a collision with Nader Zuhour left him with a damaged control arm and he was forced to retire.

Essa Bin Hadher made his 2011 debut in Race 2 starting with a damaged suspension, but nevertheless running in support of the team and earning valuable points. Starting from last row, Essa made up several positions and drove the limping Honda home to an honorable 4th place.

Mohammed Bin Ghannam lost control of his Honda during the second lap of qualifying, resulting in a collision with the wall and his retirement from the NRD 2. His car has been repaired and he will return for NRD 3.