DAMC Marshals

A big thank you to the DAMC marshals and officials who helped make the 2014-2015 season a success

A big thank you to the DAMC marshals and officials who helped make the 2014-2015 season a success

Marshaling is for anyone who is interested in and wants to be involved in motorsport. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications, just common sense and to be a motorsport enthusiast. For those wishing to become involved with motor sport – but not as a competitor, there can be no better introduction than as a marshal. Motorsport is one of the most exciting sports there is and you can be right at the heart of the action as a Marshal.

You may be mustering cars for the next race at a circuit or checking competitors through a control on a rally. The list of jobs is long and varied – that’s why marshaling is never boring. To organise any Motorsport event requires a small army of volunteers, usually many more than the number of competitors.

Without Marshals, motorsports cannot happen. Marshals carry out a wide range of duties, all of which contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the event. Marshals, whatever they are doing, are serving a useful purpose and contributing to the success of the event and the smooth running of the organisation.

If you’re also just new to racing or an experienced fan, marshaling can enhance your understanding of the sport. It will give you the knowledge of how a race is run and increase your enjoyment of even watching a race on television.

Marshals Training Courses At our Marshals Training Weekend, we give people an insight into what marshaling involves, showing them the various different activities they can become involved in, including:

  • Incident marshals/Fire marshals: Safety of the post, types of fire extinguishers, what burns on a car, dealing with fires (including practical training), vehicle recovery and use of radios.
  • Flag marshals: How to convey information to drivers using flags. Types of flags used, how to assist the Observer with relevant first hand reports.
  • Observers: How to co-ordinate the actions of all Officials in the sector, reporting of incidents, post management and the positioning of officials in appointed locations.
  • Specialist marshals: Pits, Paddock and Startline, enforcing meeting regulations, reports and safety standards, the clearing of unauthorised personnel from areas prior to and during the event.
  • Extrication: Training in specialist techniques in the removal of an injured driver from a car and how this team works in conjunction with the Rescue Team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshals

What is a Marshal?
Someone who is interested in Motorsport and who wants to be involved in the sport without necessarily competing.

What does a Marshal do?
Almost anything linked with the organisation and running of motorsport events – from club meetings to Grand Prix, from grass tracks to circuit racing.

Who can become a Marshal?
Almost anyone. As long as you are of average health. Age Limit: +16 Are Marshals Paid? No and yes. All Marshals are volunteers who enjoy being part of Motorsport, but are given an allowance.

Do you need prior training or experience?
No, we provide starter training for all Marshals. Training done by a Marshal can also be very useful to your employees and other activities and areas away from the Dubai Autodrome

Can being a trained Marshal benefit my staff & company personnel?
Yes, a trained Marshal can also assist with incidents that may arise at home or work.

How do I volunteer to be a marshal?
If you are interested please send email to Marshals and the DAMC will get back to you.

2015-2016 Dubai Autodrome Motorsport Club (DAMC) Provisional Race Dates

Date Venue Series Configuration
30 October 2015 Yas Marina Circuit NGK Grand Prix
13 November 2015 Dubai Autodrome NGK, UAESBC, FG1000, Radicals National
18-19 December 2015 Dubai Autodrome MRF, NGK Enduro, UAESBC, FG1000, Radicals Grand Prix
14-16 January 2016 Dubai Autodrome Hankook 24 Hours of Dubai Grand Prix
29-30 January 2016 Dubai Autodrome NGK, UAESBC, FG1000, Radical, Porsche Cup Grand Prix
19 February 2016 Dubai Autodrome NGK, UAESBC, FG1000, Radical, Porsche Cup International
11 March 2016 Dubai Autodrome NGK, UAESBC, TRD86 National
18 March 2016 Yas Marina Circuit NGK TBC
1 April 2016 Dubai Autodrome NGK 2 Hour Enduro, UAESBC, FG1000 International