Bambino Cup

Bambino Cup Racing Series Powered by IAME

New!  Six rounds of IAME powered Bambino karting at Dubai Kartdrome, designed for kids 5 to 8 years old.  Each round will consist of 4 time trials.  Engines are pooled and will be swapped midway through the event to ensure a level playing field.

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Regulations Bulletin #2
Regulations Bulletin #3

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Round 1: 7 October 2017
Round 1 Results
Race Report
Standings After Round 1

Round 2: 11 November 2017
Round 2 Results
Race Report
Standings After Round 2

Round 3: 19 January 2018 (with Dubai O Plate)
2018 Dubai O Plate IAME Bambino Results
Race Report

Round 4: 3 February 2018
Round 4 Results
Race Report
Standings After Round 4

Round 5: 3 March 2018

Round 6: 14 April 2018
Round 6 Results
Race Report
Final Championship Standings

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